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A self-taught artist, Sue explores a number of mediums and styles’ including portraits and floor cloths, but predominantly her work is abstract, heavily textured and colourful.


Sue is one of the few artists in Australia that paint Floor cloths, a little known art form here but popular in the US and Europe and a practice going back centuries. They provide a unique interior design feature and are extremely durable, not to mention great for allergy sufferers or pet owners as they don’t harbour dust or pet hair. Stencils aren't used, but rather the pattern is drawn directly onto the canvas and hand painted.  Each one takes time but the result is a truly unique statement for your home.







How I see it...


When there are words that cannot be spoken, actions that cannot be carried out and emotions that cannot be expressed, there is art. The magic of a blank canvas, the anticipation of where it could lead you, a journey where there are no rules, no boundaries, no timelines and no fear. 



A little about me...


Originally from Adelaide in South Australia but having lived in a number of cities in Australia and globally, I now reside in Melbourne. All of my professional life until recently has been spent living and travelling around the world, an amazing place, full of the downright ugly and the amazingly beautiful. The diversity of cultures, colour, textures and scents all contribute to my works.

 artist statement 

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